Sunday, November 6, 2011

Deuces Wild

Despite the fact that most of our wedding presents came in the form of much appreciated cash-money, a few of our friends elected to make some wholly appropriate donations to the GG&S archives.

Our friends Ryan and Gianna were kind enough to give us this rhino pair, adding to our ever-increasing herd of Travertine limestone animals. Ryan claimed that he and Gianna had no idea that we already had a few of these Mannelli creations around, and picked 'em up completely on a hunch. Nice!

Ryan and Gianna also submitted these wondrously gift-wrapped marital aidswith similarly uncanny accuracy! No big surprise, Valery has already memorized select passages from She Lived for Lashes

Our pal Mike really outdid himself, presenting us with this 3' smoked acrylic/wood floor lamp. This'un is slated for a spot in the home office, so we apologize for our impromptu placed atop shelving staging. We promise we'll find a more ideal setting for it in the coming months.

Last but certainly not least, Mike must've been implying that we needed better lighting, because he also gave us an orange Nesso by Artemide. A classic designed by Giancarlo Mattioli in 1964, we'd always wanted one of these lamps, and were especially pleased that Mike delivered it in its first edition which, unlike subsequent examples, is fashioned entirely from fiberglass.

Again, thanks to you three, and thanks again to everyone else—we're really excited about starting in on our home renovations, and we're exceedingly grateful for the funds that are making it possible. Expect plenty of pics in the near future!

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Genzilla said...

Nesso looks great.
You need to do a post of just Ryan's wrapping paper. That was the real score of the wedding gifts! Handmade love.