Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sleigh Ride

It's that time of year, folks and GG&S will be closed for the holidays. Be sure to check back in 2010: we've already got a Yuletide recap planned, more home renovations slated for your perusal and plenty of looted artifacts to share.

Happy holidays!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fun And Games

Last week found us spending a quiet night in, putting together a 60s Munsters puzzle that we'd just found at a monthly market sale. Surprisingly, it was complete and it even came in its original box. This also got us thinking about another game we'd purchased recently....

Realizing that this was worth the junk shop's $5 purchase price didn't require a lick o' clairvoyance. It's a shame that we still haven't played it.

Those of you who have seen the movie The Ice Pirates may already be familiar with Computer Perfection, as it played a supporting role as part of a spaceship's control panel. Valery found this'un a decade ago at some long-forgotten thrift store.

With fewer than 100 extant examples, Boredom (1994) is another obscurity in the Dan Clowes catalog. Who wouldn't want to spin the Wheel of Despair, if it meant achieving the likely success of suicide?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Friends

Showcasing the best trades I've made in the past 5+ years, November delivered a small stash that's really brightened our days.

and Filth were replacements for copies sold / traded years ago; Milk 'n Cookies was the absent member of the PS trinity; the Embarrassment 45 was a single I'd mistakenly dismissed as too indie rock in my youth; Skrewdriver's just a fave that took way too long to get here.

Not much else to say other than a big heap of thanks to all of the parties involved. A fitting way to wrap up an amazing year.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Little Lost And Innocent

Heard an unexpected clanking coming from the backyard this weekend and were stunned by what we found: a pitiful street urchin begging for alms. In fact, Valery and I were so moved by the sight of this grubby, mottled mess that we decidedin the spirit appropriate to this Yuletide seasonto adopt and shelter the miserable little waif.

Better known as Sympathy For the Record Industry's unofficial mascot, Little Miss No Name was produced by Hasbro and available to the public for only twelve months, starting in 1965. Sweetening the pot even further, this vision in burlap was marketed w/ the following tag: "I need someone to love me / I am so tired and cold / Please take me home with you / And I'll be yours to hold." It's still unbelievable to us that execs gave the go ahead to mass-produce this Keane-eyed runt...and saw fit to unleash her complete w/ blue acrylic tear!

Never ones to pass up an opportunity for slave labor, we've already got her hard at work as our newest, most valued assistant. A special thank you to Valery for accomplishing the impossible: making this Christmas even more memorable.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

From Home

Our apologies for the lapse, folks. Last week found us traipsing about my native copper state...and raiding every available thrift / antique store between Mexico and the Valley of the Sun. The pickens were uncharacteristically slim this time out; however, we did find a few things that struck our mutual fancy.

This blog's #1 fan (and our adopted baby boy) brought home the goods at $1 a (vintage) button. We just wish we could've been there when he asked the elderly store owner if she could reach in and grab the If It Moves, Fondle It pinback out of the display case.

My older brother asked us to deliver a pair of vintage Holt Howard salt & pepper shakers to my sister; apparently, he'd been holding on to them for the past four years, always forgetting to give them to her himself. Needless to say, Valery fell for 'em immediately and we were stoked to find an identical pair in a Tucson antique store later that same day.

This Danish pricklepuss came compliments of some nice folks in Phoenix. No idea who's responsible for the design. Also, not sure if its disposable quills are for hors d'oeuvres or toof-pickin'. Mmm, teaky.

Despite my initial objections, Valery insisted that we bring these home...and, as much as I hate to admit it, I've kind of warmed up to these little guys. Looks like we're planning to put these around the Christmas tree...a pictorial will undoubtedly appear in the not-so-distant future.

Warmest thanks to Genz for being an excellent host and for mailing out the remaining goods. Now where the fuck are they?!