Friday, August 9, 2013

Do The Pop

Now here's a post that's been a while in the making. We're sure you've noticed them bombing the occasional photo since we started this blog, but we've never addressed these strange little characters until now. We've collected 'em for nearly ten years, and Valery just presented me with one of our most sought after examples (Napoleon) as an early birthday gift, so we figured it was high time to formally introduce you!

Marketed in the mid-60s, the Popsie, a three dimensional greeting card, was allegedly conceived by Disney alum, Rolly Crump, and was produced by Pride Creations. Their particular salutations range from the heartfelt: Go To Hell, You Excite Me or I Hate Your Guts (naming but a few) to mere monosyllables: BOOM! The figures themselves also run the gamut from the more peculiar (see above) to the more mundane (see elsewhere). 

The Popsie motto (see below) certainly rings true fifty years later and I remain forever grateful to my beautiful wife for her love, caring and infinite patience. 

We still have a dozen or so left on our wantlist—please get in touch if you have any we may need!