Saturday, June 26, 2010

Runnin' Wild

GG&S has been lousy with animals lately, mostly of the stone, ceramic and mysterious variety. Here are a few examples that've recently climbed aboard.

This hefty elephant came to us via our favorite monthly antique sale a few weeks ago. Carved out of Travertine limestone, this Italian pachyderm's from the 60s and its label indicates that it was designed by Mannelli. Beyond that, we have no clue. Anyone have any additional info?

We found this vintage bull bank and immediately fell in love with its unique shape and design—unfortunately, it's yet another item we have very little info on, as we cannot make out any of its markings. We're slowly starting to realize that the 60s were a bountiful time for stylized stashes and we're fearful that our collection has only just begun!

Here's another longhorn that locked our gaze recently. Its recessed interior suggests that it was designed to function as a nightstand caddy, so it's currently enlisted as a receptacle for our loose change.

Lastly, though not quite an animal, the biomorphic shape of this speckled planter warranted its inclusion in this update. A Japanese ceramic from the 50s, we can't wait to fill this one up with some succulents!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Truth

Another example of collector tenacity and proof positive that persistence does indeed pay off. Though it may have taken five years of harassing emails to accomplish, it finally happened: I convinced an older art dealer to sell me my most coveted Clowes page. Sure, the consequent scrambling meant a lot of items sold, favors asked and tears shed, but those obstacles never gave me pauseafter all, this piece of spiritual affirmation was singularly responsible for hooking me on Clowes in the first place. An inestimable heap of thanks to Anthony, Mike, Damian and everyone else who helped facilitate this purchase. And, as always, an extra-special thank you to Valery for putting up with me.

Not to be outdone and on a semi-related note, my buddy Keegan recently sent me an unexpected package. Enclosed, I found the Japanese I Hate You Deeply 45 that inspired the rant of the same name. Thanks again, man! Furthermore, for attentive Dan Clowes scholars, I've also included the Summer Artist in this photoits handsome Bill Ward jacket lending itself to a later swipe.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm A Bug

Issued in the blessed year of 1978, the Cramps' Human Fly single has long been one of my favorite records of the era. Circa 2000, an eBay seller unloaded two copies of a previously unknown entity: the 11x17 promo flier produced by Vengeance Records (the Cramps), heralding the release of this, their second 45. Unfortunately, I was a starving college student at the time, and there was no way I could afford weighing in on either of 'eminstead, I had to content myself with sitting idly by and watching 'em both skyrocket from the sidelines.

Anyway, ab
out five years later, a chance visit got me over to my pal Howie's house and he pointed out his tatty, stained and worn copy of the same flier. It was up for grabs. I wasn't exactly happy with its hammered condition, but given that Howie had peeled it directly off the walls of CBGBs himself, and that I hadn't seen another copy, I figured this would be my only chance.

Unable to console myself with this placeholder, I tracked down the photographer responsible for the cover shot. Zilch. Nil. Nada. Ten years later, I'd just about given up all hope. Skirting dangerously close to admitting defeat, I decided to follow up one last, unlikely lead. Sure enough, in under two weeks, I had a pristine copy of the flier fall into my lap ...and all it took were some kind words, a few color copies and my eternal gratitude. Unbelievable.

You can view a side by side comparison here.