Saturday, July 30, 2011

Well Worth Talking About

A reader recently asked us for more information regarding the red stool present in a photo we posted a while back. That question got us thinking—exactly how many of those shorties do we have occupying space around the house? A quick scouring revealed an embarrassing truth: we've got seven of 'em littered throughout our interior!

Manufactured by Kartell in 1969, the Rocchetto stool was designed by brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni. These stools were distributed domestically by George Beylerian, and a few of our seat cushions still have the original Beylerian tags affixed underneath. An Italian design museum even has one featured here.

Unfortunately, we're not sure how many other colors these stools were available in, but we know we've seen at least one orange specimen ...from those lucky bastards in Australia. In that case, our requests for overseas shipping quotes were politely declined. Help? 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Girl Can't Dance

Two posts in as many days? Believe it! And while you're contemplating how such splendor could possibly exist in this crazy, mixed-up world, feel free to sneak a peek at our latest acquisitions.

Our trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend found us stopping at an unfamiliar shop that yielded one of Valery's top wants: a minty copy of the relentless R&B juggernaut that is Bunker Hill's The Girl Can't Dance! Valery stared in disbelief when she flipped past three records and stumbled across this monster! Without a doubt, one of the finest moments in recorded music, if there ever wuz ...due in no small part to Link Wray's blistered fingers and Bunker's perforated larynx, of course! Dig that intro!

Also, the inner-fanboy in me was pleased to find that Dan Clowes' Death Ray arrived while we were outta town. The steep tag on this one left me kinda skeptical, but there was no way I was passing it up with only 200 extant examples. Thankfully, no expense was spared on this fully-articulated mofo. I should've known that a quality outfit like Presspop (and the Oakland Toy Corp (whoever they may be) would deliver the goods. Recommended and arigato!

A big ol' thank you to our Pittsburgh pals for treating us right, as usual.  We'll eventually get around to posting the rest of our loot ...once it all arrives.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emergency Cases

Both of us are pretty stoked that we recently scored an example of the PortaDischi 45 carrier Olaf von Bohr designed for Kartell in the early 70s. This'un's been a real pain to pin down, as it was only produced for a few years, and we certainly never imagined we'd turn one up complete with its original packaging! In fact, the whole shebang is just so aesthetically pleasing, we had to take multiple photographs to do this one up right. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Calendar Girl

Well, what do we have here? Seems as though Valery's modeling the enormous (approx. 19 x 19) Italian perpetual calendar we scored earlier this week. Truth is, folks, we'd been wanting one of these ever since we glimpsed it in the pages of L'Utopie du Tout Plastique: 1960 - 1973 years ago. Contrary to what our gut feelings told us, we were lucky enough to score one domestically, in fantastic shape and for far less than we'd anticipated.
The jury is still out as to where we're going to hang this one up. We were initially planning on putting this in the kitchen, but now we're considering displaying it the office! It might be getting too crowded in there though, and we haven't even begun!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goes Way Out

A long, sordid saga has finally come to an end and it resulted in us getting these tasty paper items for free in the process. This beautifully screened Bottle Shock poster was never used due to an error in the line-up listingand what a shame that is, given Art Chantry's masterful design aesthetic, his appropriation of OK Soda imagery ...and the inclusion of Dan Pussey and Ed McMahon! Those familiar with MAD Magazine should recognize the swipe used for the Makers' S/T LP. An exercise in understatement. Thanks again for both of these, Art!

The blog's #1 fan hooked us up with a copy of the poster used to promote his li'l band's second lp. Despite any appearances to the contrary, we're certainly not opposed to celebrating items released in the 90sespecially when it involves one of the high-water marks of the era. A true classic! Many thanks again, Greg!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

Summer's in full swing and we're currently boiling in a hearty stew of work, school and wedding planning ...but that doesn't mean that we can't break away and fill y'all in on the wunnerful early wedding gift our buddy (and future best man) Damian sent along this week. Damian must've been psychically attuned to our home office renovation plans because this teak behemoth occupied the #1 slot on our dream list. Manufactured between 1956-1958, Peter Lovig Nielsen's writing desk is a prime exponent of Danish modern design, and the perfect centerpiece for our revamped room. We'll go into more detail once it's situated in its permanent spot, so you'll just have to content yourselves with this for now.

We've really prided ourselves on being very tight-lipped about the items amassed for this project; however, we couldn't contain our elation this time, and we were both very touched by this gesture
—thank you again, Damo! You're the best!