Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Stuffed

Here's a note letting y'all know that we just got done placing some new items in our booth, in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend. Our stall is now brimming with new additions, so make sure to drop on by if you happen to be in Atlanta anytime soon. Highland Row Antiques should be open all weekend long!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dump On The Chumps

That's right, folks, it's time for our second Instagram image dump. This ought to give you a rough idea of what we've been up to for the past few weeks. Dig in!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Track Mind

There is seemingly no end to Valery's obsession and two more vintage Architectural Pottery hourglass planters have suddenly manifested themselves in our home. 2012 appears to be our best year yet for acquiring LaGardo Tackett pieces and we honestly hope the trend continues least until the impending apocalypse!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day Tripper

It seems thatdespite a relative abundance of free timewe've been neglecting this blog something awful lately. Sorry about that, folks! Rest assured, it's been business as usual around GG&S HQ for the past month or so, and we have plenty of recent arrivals to show for our efforts!

As you may remember, we opened a booth at Highland Row Antiques, and trying to find fresh inventory has kept us especially busy. A few weeks back, we thought we'd lucked out and found a good resale item via a buried Craiglist ad for a Sonneman lamp. Of course, as unrepentant addicts, we couldn't bring ourselves to actually resell the lamp once we'd picked it up. It's a beauty and we know it'll work perfectly in our (future) office. Thanks again, Barbara!

In another attempt to wrangle more vintage goods, we also hunkered down and made our way to Chattanooga last Saturday for some thrifting. The building featured above is not a thrift store, but it is a fantastic piece of period architecture and design. And this drug store remains very much in business!

This time out, we somehow managed to track down good stuff for both our booth and ourselves. The above photograph is our keeper pile, and includes stuff we picked up in Chattanooga, as well as a few things we picked up locally, too!

The McCoy planter and the West German pitcher are spoils from our trip to Tennessee.  We also found the four vintage dessert cups—produced by a stoneware artist named Jonas Roberts—in a Chattanooga thrift. The mod canister set is actually something Valery had been frantically searching for recently, and we scored it (and the low Burke tulip table holding everything up) from our newest favorite vendor at Kudzu Antiques! We still need the Sugar container, so if anyone's holding, please let us know!

These Guzzini salt and pepper shakers were scored for $2, and they were originally slated for our booth ...until we realized that our personal set was made of smoked plastic instead. Oops?! We found the Copal flip-clock at an enormous antique mall we spent close to two hours going through just before we left Chattanooga—and we're really grateful, since it would've totally sucked to have wasted all that time, only to walk out empty-handed! The 60s Brazilian ice bucket designed by Jorge Zalszupin was recently discovered in Atlanta of all places! We never expected to find one of these in the states, let alone one complete with its interior liner and tongs!

These toucans were also purchased from our pal Barbara when we picked up the Sonneman lamp, and we're happy to have 'em both roosting here in our home. The Avon bottles also came from KudzuValery had been wanting these for a long while, but she figured she'd find 'em eventually. Now we just need the other four! Lastly, we turned up this mod container, but it has no identifying marks, and we've never seen another like it. Does anyone recognize this lid? 

On a final note, we woke up really early in order to secure our second-in-line spot at an estate sale that started today at 10am. We'd spied this Franciscan Starburst set in the sale's online photos last night, and we knew we had to try to get this assortment for ourselves. We somehow covered 7,000 square feet in roughly ten minutes and emerged victorious, in spite of repeated dead ends! We're keeping a dozen pieces for our personal collection, and we'll be placing the remaining 30+ pieces in our booth next week. 

We've got stuff coming through weekly, so remember to keep your peepers peeled!