Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Do I Do

Has it already been two years spent together as lawfully wed Mr. and Mrs.? Yes, indeed, it has! In a not-so-solemn observation of our second anniversary, we gifted ourselves a lovely, original Kantarelli table, designed by Eero Aarnio and produced by Asko in 1967—after all, we're so domestic. Looking forward to getting it set up in our office. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kicked Out Of The Webelos

So the other half of GG&S turned 38 a month or so ago. Edging further into the wrong side of my thirties should've been a lot worse—the savage reality tamed considerably by the thoughtfulness of others.

Valery continues to outdo herself! This year she surprised me with the final Couroc of Monterey mod birds tray we were missing, vintage Ramones merch (including an original guitar pick!), two additional teak Martians / Devils / Trolls manufactured by BRDR Bonfils (and allegedly designed by Jacob Jensen), the most excellent (and elusive) Napoleon popsie and a copy of Die Kreuzen's debut Cows and Beer EP (one of the first 200 copies issued in a yellow sleeve, even). Whew! Thank you so much!

Big thanks also go out to our buddy Mike for his donation toward the purchase of a record that had taken up residency on my wantlist for nearly twenty years: a minty, original copy of The Queers' Kicked Out Of The Webelos EP. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to nab it for the $1.95 it commanded in 1985 ...but we're grateful that the original price sticker was still affixed! Some persistent online trawling also dredged up a copy of Helene Morgan's Queer Daddy—an exceedingly rare title featuring one of Gene Bilbrew's best covers. Needless to say, the Q sections of our respective record and vintage paperback collections received some long overdue submissions.