Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deuces Wild (Part Deux)

Blame it on a whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend, the resulting jet lag or maybe even a private midnight screening of The Car, but we completely spaced on two other presents that made their way pre- and post-wedding. Our sincerest apologies, friends!

Our pals Hone and Carmela kindly forked over the original art Hone whipped up for our wedding invitation's record label. I think Hone really captured my inner-legume (!) and the steaming grains teeming between Valery's ears. Expect this illustration to adorn a full merchandise line in the near future! Also, a special thanks to Carmela for encouraging Hone to sign this one for us!

Many thanks to Tim, our Facebook friendster and spiritual advisor, for acknowledging my defeated, feeble whimpering when he unveiled his sizable duplicate stash. This'un features one of Eric Stanton's best covers and seemed especially apropos considering the circumstances.

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