Saturday, February 23, 2013

Almost Ready

Well, it took several months, but we finally got our vintage String shelves, thanks largely to the best efforts of our German pal, Marc. Thanks again, man! Designed in 1949 by Nils and Kajsa Strinning, these shelving systems are plentiful in Europe, even outside of their native Sweden; however, turning them up in the US was problematic, and finding the specific size configuration we wanted seemed impossible.

It was certainly worth the wait, though! We're so happy that we're finally able to display our small items properly. Now that we have these, we only need a few more things before showcasing our master bedroom. Look forward to its unveiling soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frantic Romantic

GG&S is all about love, so we're spreading the wealth and sending some amorous vibes your way on this special day.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Daddy Is My Pusher

Turning 38 isn't so bad when you have the best husband in the world! Here is my amazing birthday gift from my sweet Tony. A LaGardo Tackett designed planter for Architectural Pottery. Thanks, baby, you're the best!!!

Tony knew that I had been wanting this planter (and many others ...I have a slight obsession if you haven't already noticed!) for a very long time and since we're in the middle of remodeling our bedroomand needed something to replace a few items that we took outhe decided that this planter would be perfect. And he was right! It fits nicely on top of our tallboy dresser, right next to our Tackett eggheads and a Danish Modern lion that Tony's Mom gave to his Dad when they first started dating

Now we're just waiting for a special package to arrive from Germany and our quick bedroom remodel should be nearly complete. Of course, there are still two more major want-list items that we're after, but they may take a few more years to get. In the meantime, we're really happy with how the room is coming together!