Thursday, July 12, 2012

Out Out Out

Our friends Justin and Talitha recently moved into their incredible, impeccably decorated mid-century modern dream-home, and found themselves letting loose a few items that didn't quite fit in. Ever the insatiable hoarders that we are, we couldn't help but help ourselves to some of the amazing items that didn't make the cut. Feast your eyes on the following:

A complete KLH Model Twenty-Plus stereo system from the late 60s in fantastic shape? Yes! We'd been after this one for a while, and we'd occasionally pester Justin about it over the span of a few years ...guess he'd finally had enough. This is probably the last big addition we needed for our—wait for it—upcoming office renovation!

An original LaGardo Tackett Russo Negro decanter, a feline hanger by Walter Bosse, some vintage vikings and a stoneware piece by Waechtersbach? How about a Guzzini Focus lamp designed by Fabio Lenci? Boom!

Last but not least, this nubby little Danish bird had eluded us for a long while, and we were pleased to find that Justin had captured one in his travels. The Secticon clock by Angelo Mangiarotti is another recent arrival, though not from Justin's stash!

Many thanks again to Justin and Talitha, and we couldn't be happier that you guys found the perfect home! We wish you both many years of happiness!