Friday, November 12, 2010

Searchin' In The Wilderness

See, we weren't kidding about keeping busy for the past few weeks! We've been engaged in some big game hunting lately, so here's an extra large update to satisfy y'all and fill you in on some of our recently bagged trophies.

It isn't often that we're left completely dumbfounded by the objects we excavate. This is one of those rare exceptions. In 1971, Mac Mann Industries laid claim to the dubious distinction of producing the original afro bone comb, known simply as The Bone. Besides its obvious function, the original packaging suggests its potential uses as a wig-holder or stylish bit of flair. Pittsburgh delivers the goods yet again! We found these vintage Dream Pets at one of our favorite haunts over this past weekend and we're hoping their undeniable cuteness softens the blow of such blatant racial disregard.

Pittsburgh also supplied us with some Italian delicacies: a lucite elephant produced by Guzzini and a rhino fashioned from Travertine limestone and designed by Mannelli—identical to the pachyderm we found a few months back (which we subsequently stuffed into this photo).

Pittsburgh's #1 Ol' Moon Stomper supplied us with the above Splash 4 poster gratis—after he busted us salivating over his display copy. Thanks again, Hone!

Unbeknown to us, our buddy Steve shipped us an original press release for the Saints' I'm Stranded LP. Thanks a million, hombre! The glossy is now proudly on display in our picture gallery.

Just to prove that we don't totally hate LPs, here are some of the big records we've picked up lately. The original Ike and Tina on Sue, Les Baxter (so minty!) and Jack Nitzsche albums were scored at the Atlanta record swap; the weirdo exploito Batman LP turned up in Pittsburgh; the MAD, Jonny Quest and Velvet Underground (white label promoallegedly a different, dryer mix—sounds the same to me) records came from our favorite local record hole. Lastly, our buddy Collin sent us the Jazzbo LP cuz he (rightly) figured we'd dig the cover. Thanks, dude! Did we mention how much we like free stuff? Oops, I almost forgot to mention the op art 12" carrier we just found, too.

Our pal Justin provided these mod plastic hangers that Valery fell instantly in love with. Thanks again! They're a very welcome addition to Valery's dressing room.

Found these stacking Kartell tables a while ago and we're still undecided as to where they're going to end up. The white stool was manufactured in Germany in the 60s and we bought it online for an unbelievable $9.99 (+ shipping, of course). Finally, we couldn't pass up on the space-age heater—which mimics our fireplace so perfectly—when we spied it at a local shop spite of the fact that it'll likely never be used. Nothing screams fire hazard quite like a vintage heating device.

Here's another batch of goodness we've hauled away over the past few weeks. A vintage Bulova clock found at a nearby thrift store for $12; an amazing piece of German enamelware from the 60s; a psychedelic decanter, ice bucket and suitcase; a bizarre people feeder shaped like a bird; an orange pod full of coasters; a Pyrex Moon Deco dish; two Gedy containers designed by Makio Hasuike; an atomic era candy dish; a space-age shelving unit and matching mirror. Whew!

We've definitely saved the best for last this time 'round! We couldn't believe it when we glimpsed this beauty at our favorite monthly sale. One of two Broyhill Brasilia pieces that we absolutely had to have, this Gentleman's Chest was our early Christmas present to ourselves. It makes a nice perch for our freshly acquired donut phone and mid-century feline, too.

Until next time!

Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been awfully quiet 'round GG&S lately, though that doesn't mean we've been slacking off—it just means that we've been too busy to fill y'all in on many of our recent scores. So, without further ado, here are the 45s we've dug up in the past few months. We should also mention that we've picked up some LPs here and there, but long-players don't really thrill us, so we're just going to focus on the singles for now. Enjoy!

All manner of rodent represented. Two 45s from Satan's Rats and Mouse and the Traps' Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice 45—which includes two of the most blistering guitar solos ever committed to wax.

Here we have a French copy of the Saints' Know Your Product single with a unique & handsome PS. Also included are Jet Staxx and Jetsons 45s procured for us by our pals Mike and Justin. Thanks, dudes!

Justin's been supplying us with the goods (a lot) lately. Here are two more: a rare Alan Vega 45 from his Collision Drive LP and the withdrawn sleeve for the Cramps' UK Garbage Man 45. So dark!

Here're three glam recs that Valery snagged recently. We decided to obscure the Zappo graphic and save y'all the misfortune of having to see it. Not even remotely close to good/bad.

More UK punk from the Favourites, Sham 69's finest hour and one of (two?) XS Energy's 45s. Thanks, Deez!

Here's the 1979 release by Decatur, Georgia's Razor Boys / XYZ—we can't tell you how proud we are that these guys are from our own backyard! A copy of the New York Dolls' Who Are the Mystery Girls 45 turned up at the last Atlanta record swap (period appropriate Mercury sleeve needed, plz), and the Verge record from Albany's been a tough one to turn up for cheap ...until recently.

We found this mysterious bubblegum single by the Panda Peeple in Pittsburgh, which features their cover of the song made (mildly) famous by the Middle of the Road. Percy and the Gaolbirds' Who Can Help Me is one of the bossest German Beat tracks, and we've been able to track down one more EP by our favorite Belgian chanteuse, Chantal Kelly.

Lastly, we were happy to finally land the US pressing of the Creation's How Does It Feel to Feel 45. Strangely enough, the domestic pressing contains a tougher, shorter and better alternate version that's displaced the UK recording on every subsequent retrospective. What's even better is that we lucked out and got the stock version of this single, which was reputedly non-existent. Bunker Hill's Red Ridin' Hood and the Wolf is another screamer whose arrival has really thrilled us. Joey Levine's Come On My Baby rounds out the post with another bubblegum classic!