Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Girl Can't Dance

Two posts in as many days? Believe it! And while you're contemplating how such splendor could possibly exist in this crazy, mixed-up world, feel free to sneak a peek at our latest acquisitions.

Our trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend found us stopping at an unfamiliar shop that yielded one of Valery's top wants: a minty copy of the relentless R&B juggernaut that is Bunker Hill's The Girl Can't Dance! Valery stared in disbelief when she flipped past three records and stumbled across this monster! Without a doubt, one of the finest moments in recorded music, if there ever wuz ...due in no small part to Link Wray's blistered fingers and Bunker's perforated larynx, of course! Dig that intro!

Also, the inner-fanboy in me was pleased to find that Dan Clowes' Death Ray arrived while we were outta town. The steep tag on this one left me kinda skeptical, but there was no way I was passing it up with only 200 extant examples. Thankfully, no expense was spared on this fully-articulated mofo. I should've known that a quality outfit like Presspop (and the Oakland Toy Corp (whoever they may be) would deliver the goods. Recommended and arigato!

A big ol' thank you to our Pittsburgh pals for treating us right, as usual.  We'll eventually get around to posting the rest of our loot ...once it all arrives.


Marc said...

Please keep going with that schedule. I certainly don't mind more frequent updates to take my mind off boring Uni-work and to goggle on your swell scores instead!
Awaiting next update due tomorrow morning. Thanks!

monone said...

Lord this Bunker guy makes Screaming Jay Hawkins sounds like a little girl ! :)) The hill have eyes but i can tell have voice too !
And what could say about your little red boots fellow ... well only compliments cause he certainly have a big gun !

T.N. HONE said...

Nice Mego AA!

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Marc, hand over that "cuddly weirdie" and we'll see what we can do!

Hone, I'll gladly accept your ridicule--you know how skeptical I was about the Death Ray actually being awesome. I'm sure a lot of it has to do w/ the Spiderman mego figures I had as a kid. Rules!

Maxime, closest thing to Bunker is Little Richard and I'm not sure even LR could've outperformed BH! Stick to the compliments or you're gonna get zaPPppPped!