Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goes Way Out

A long, sordid saga has finally come to an end and it resulted in us getting these tasty paper items for free in the process. This beautifully screened Bottle Shock poster was never used due to an error in the line-up listingand what a shame that is, given Art Chantry's masterful design aesthetic, his appropriation of OK Soda imagery ...and the inclusion of Dan Pussey and Ed McMahon! Those familiar with MAD Magazine should recognize the swipe used for the Makers' S/T LP. An exercise in understatement. Thanks again for both of these, Art!

The blog's #1 fan hooked us up with a copy of the poster used to promote his li'l band's second lp. Despite any appearances to the contrary, we're certainly not opposed to celebrating items released in the 90sespecially when it involves one of the high-water marks of the era. A true classic! Many thanks again, Greg!


Genzilla said...

As always, you two get the goods. I expect to see these framed and on display in that museum you call a home on my next visit.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

As long as that means that we'll be seeing you here at the end of the month for your birthday weekend and the Wax Museums show!!!