Monday, May 23, 2011

Lights Out

We've had a pretty good run at turning up vintage space age lamps and light fixtures lately and we figured it was time to update y'all to our progress. The fixture above was purchased at the same store where we picked up our Umbos last year, and it sure was nice to return to the shop after an extended absence and walk out with something yet again. Details are scant, other than the fact that it was made in Switzerland. Any additional information is most welcome.

This was the eyesore we were determined to replace.

Here's the new and improved hallway.

A healthy portion of Valery's workday is spent slogging through photographs, and she couldn't believe it when she saw a vintage Lightolier lamp lurking in the background of a photo she was proofing. A few frantic text messages and a favor from Valery's friend Kim got this one hand-delivered to us in under three days. Not bad ...especially when you consider that the lamp was originally for sale in Charlotte. Thanks again, Kim!

We scored this one a few months back, though we've refrained from posting it until now. Here's a Dalu lamp by Artemide that we found it at a local antique store for $30. It appeared unused and still had the original tags attached! Oh, and that glowing orange orb in the background is another fixture we've picked up, but we're saving that for the dressing room renovation exclusive Valery's got in queue.

An Italian Knight-light from the same line as our Viking from a few entries ago? Yes! A very fine topper for this installment.


Marc said...

The new light is a great improvement over the old one! I've no info about the manufacturer but these lamps are very common here in Germany/Europe and there is a boatload of variations. I'm guessing that there is several companys who did these in the 70ies.
The Lightolier lamp is so awesome!
Great scores!
Dig the viking, too. I finally pinned down one viking lamp myself - the same as the one you got from your blog reader.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Thanks for the info, Marc!

Actually, the fact that the light fixture is relatively common in Europe is good news for us--we'd like to get an identical one for the other side of the hallway. Please let us know if you spot one for sale?

We've seen at least two other versions of the Viking lamps ...must have them all, even if we'll never use them.

Marc said...

I'll let you know if i see an identical lamp. A cursory ebay search yielded many lamps that are very similar (i.e. with orange fixture instead of white), but no identical one.

Good luck tracking down the remaining viking lamps!

monone said...

This lightolier is sooooo cute !!! Impossible to find over here in europe ... this is US exclusivity ! :) Allmost buy an orange one a couple of years ago on ebay but was (sadly) outbid ! Nice found indeed !

Tim and Amber Young said...

I think I may have a lamp from the same set. I haven't been able to find out anything about my lamp except that it says "Made in Switzerland". Here's a picture:

I'm interested to see if anyone knows more.


Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Thanks, Maxime! Good luck with your hunt for an orange one. There were two on eBay in the past few weeks, but we didn't win either. The second one was located here in Georgia, about a half hour away, but the seller would not clarify on the apparent staining present on the visor.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...


That's a great looking lamp! It definitely looks as though it's related to our fixture.

We wish we could find one like that around us. Excellent score!


Marja said...

Hello there,

I am a woman from holland, and i bought myself a lamp yesterday.
I was looking on google and i found it on your very good looking site BIG COMPLIMENTS !!!
I do not know how to send a foto to you, it,s a differend one...

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Hello, Marja.

You can email us through the contact link here:

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

Valery and Tony