Monday, December 7, 2009

Little Lost And Innocent

Heard an unexpected clanking coming from the backyard this weekend and were stunned by what we found: a pitiful street urchin begging for alms. In fact, Valery and I were so moved by the sight of this grubby, mottled mess that we decidedin the spirit appropriate to this Yuletide seasonto adopt and shelter the miserable little waif.

Better known as Sympathy For the Record Industry's unofficial mascot, Little Miss No Name was produced by Hasbro and available to the public for only twelve months, starting in 1965. Sweetening the pot even further, this vision in burlap was marketed w/ the following tag: "I need someone to love me / I am so tired and cold / Please take me home with you / And I'll be yours to hold." It's still unbelievable to us that execs gave the go ahead to mass-produce this Keane-eyed runt...and saw fit to unleash her complete w/ blue acrylic tear!

Never ones to pass up an opportunity for slave labor, we've already got her hard at work as our newest, most valued assistant. A special thank you to Valery for accomplishing the impossible: making this Christmas even more memorable.

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caramimi said...

Those eyes looked familiar! There was this art-toy doll called "Antoinette" by Necessaries Toy Foundation, produced a few years ago. I only cared about it 'cos we shared the same name, and my art-toy photographer friend did a shoot with the "new" version. Never knew she was based off an original character. Here's a link to the newer one: