Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fun And Games

Last week found us spending a quiet night in, putting together a 60s Munsters puzzle that we'd just found at a monthly market sale. Surprisingly, it was complete and it even came in its original box. This also got us thinking about another game we'd purchased recently....

Realizing that this was worth the junk shop's $5 purchase price didn't require a lick o' clairvoyance. It's a shame that we still haven't played it.

Those of you who have seen the movie The Ice Pirates may already be familiar with Computer Perfection, as it played a supporting role as part of a spaceship's control panel. Valery found this'un a decade ago at some long-forgotten thrift store.

With fewer than 100 extant examples, Boredom (1994) is another obscurity in the Dan Clowes catalog. Who wouldn't want to spin the Wheel of Despair, if it meant achieving the likely success of suicide?

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