Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Totally Wired

A recent thrifting expedition to Tucker, GA seemed like a total bust... that is, until we spied a dilapidated antique shack and the five vintage Bertoia chairs sitting in its parking lot. A set of four white side chairs and this gray specimen beckoned us closer.

An enthusiastic proprietor informed us that we could have the entire white set for $265 and that he'd graciously toss in the gray chair gratis. Sadly, we'd quickly realized that all of the white'uns were contemporaneous knock-offs and that the only authentic piece was the gray loner.

A few minutes of haggling and fifty bucks later, we were on the road with a new addition to our master bedroom. So far, the chair has earned one big fan
a frequently napping Otis!


Genzilla said...

Good looking chair!
Send you guys some recent photos of my place soon or better yet you can see it first hand when you are in town in November.

Anonymous said...

Those Friedman "prints" look postcard size! Are they?