Friday, October 30, 2009

Taking The City By Storm

This past weekend found us visiting NYC, meeting up with friends and attending the annual WFMU record fair. Featured below are some of the mementos purchased and scores made over the weekend...and a few from a little earlier this month.

Handy record tote supplied by the kind folks over at Norton Records—showcasing the one-and-only Eskew Reeder Jr. Regrettably, the M- copy of the Alarm Clocks' No Reason To Complain 45 that Billy Miller had available for trade, was not included with its purchase.

Both volumes of TORTURA: The Sounds of Pain and Pleasure were finally picked up. Unlike most of the copies spotted over the years, these are in surprisingly clean condition. The Eric Stanton-esque covers are exactly what those insidious record frames were made for. Preparations are already being made to get these set up in the guest bedroom.

Two more volumes of Tim Warren's Garage Punk Unknowns series from the 80s. One more to go—which is currently en route—and a set of the original seven (with paste-on covers) will finally be completed!

Some record fair purchases, a few (Jimmy Jukebox & the Easybeats) provided by pals and one (Damned) found locally. It's nice to finally have Motor Boat, Sorry, Long Gone, Blood Splattered With Guitars, Die Trying, and Do You Wanna Know in their original forms. Although we finally found a Chantal Kelly single, we're still on the lookout for her Notre Prof D'anglais EP. Help?

Promo glossy of the Arrows in top form & two Drew Friedman prints depicting perennial household favorites: Don Knotts and Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Lastly, a couple of 60s Danish teak curios found in a small vintage shop in the East Village. The duo are complete with designer tags noting a Mr. Tonny Gerbsch. A quick internet search provided no results, so anyone with further details is invited to write us.


r said...

Those Tortura records are a good find....way better than any obscure shitty punk record, for sure.

BenT said...

I love your blog. I found you thru the comments on some flickr pages about POPSIE Dolls. It looks like we collect many of the same sorts of things. (Popsies, Hip Nip flasks, cool and strange records, etc.)
It seems you have a much better eye for display than I do. In my house the things I obsess about just tend to accrete on any available horizontal surface, until the pile gets unmanageable, and another box goes into the attic.

here's a flickr group abot popsies, please feel free to contribute your popsie pics!

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...


Hey, thanks for the kind words. Yep, looking over your stuff, it does appear as though we like a lot of the same things--wish our flasks had come with their original boxes. Excellent!

We'll be doing a Popsie entry one of these days ...just waiting to get all of our favorites. We're still missing a half dozen (or so) of our most wanted ones.

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Erich Kuersten said...

Was doing a search for TORTURA, since my friend Dave has the blue LP which came to him via a friend's uncle's record collection 20 years ago. he still plays it at parties he DJ-s, sticking in moans and sadistic laughter amidst the house beats.

How much does those go for, by the way? What a rarity! His is, I'm sure, scratched up by now, but still playable.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...


Both volumes tend to go for about $75-100 each, sometimes more if they're in nice shape. Finding them in good condition is the hard part--copies have a tendency to show up pretty trashed ...the soundtrack for too many S&M orgies, I guess.