Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dressed In Black


Thanks again for sticking around for the past month. Now that we've spoiled you, we've got to 'fess up about the high probability that this blog'll lay fallow for the immediate future. For those of you who now realize that we still keep plenty busy, despite our noticeable absence 'round these parts, you can satisfy your frequent cravings by clicking here.
And remember: Otis sez Stay beautiful, haters! All the best in 2015 from GG&S!


Anonymous said...

Bummer, but all great things must come to an end, i guess (unfortunately). Thanks for all the eye-candy, WOWS and jealous moments. Your collection(s) and obsession truly is next level and awe-inspiring. Seems like not many people read/comment on blogs anymore so i understand it's time to move on. Sick move to check out with a month chock-full of stunning entries! I'm happy that i was able to contribute to some GG&S entries and i will surely revisit this blog to marvel at that cluster of cool you call home. Guess it's time to finally sign up for that Insta thing, then.
Cheers from Hamburg,

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Hey M, Thanks for the kind words. We enjoyed updating the blog, but we were quickly reminded of what a (mostly) thankless chore it is. Still, we're pleased with how it looks/reads in its entirety--we'd previously thought that this year was somewhat of a bust, so it was a pleasant surprise. Also, very appreciative of your generosity in helping out with the GG&S archives--thanks again for everything, d00d! PS: you tired of that Thane Russal yet?