Friday, September 7, 2012

Come See Me

Well, the blog's been up and running for the past three years now, and we figured it was high time that we took the next logical step: opening up some Etsy shops where we could sell handmade and vintage wares to, you, our dedicated readers! The entire GG&S empire can now be accessed through a handy landing page located at

Valery has been hard at work creating a host of characters, fashioned out of Naugahyde and available for immediate purchase via our GG&S Designs shop. Here are the items that are currently on offer:

These unblinking owls respond to the name Horace and come in 5 different colors. Does your Nauga need a buddy?

This forlorn molar's name is Mortimer. We hope that you can provide him a good home, so he can stop worrying so much!

And this is Percy the attentive elephant. We've found that he looks really good adorning a couch or bed.

Valery's also made a handful of zippered clutches in various mod patterns!

Over the years, we've fielded numerous requests for some of the items we've showcased on the blog, so we figured we'd start picking up extras and other similar objects for those interested. GG&S Vintage will be updated regularly, as we're still sifting through our inventory, separating duplicates and, of course, we're always turning up more tasty items. 

In spite of the fact that we hadn't yet publicly unveiled these shops, we've already made several sales, so we'd like to extend a big thank you to our unexpected customers! We'd also like to thank Ryan and Trey for helping us navigate the technical vagaries involved with setting this whole thing up!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Just added your shop to my favorites on Etsy. Good luck!

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Thanks, Dana!