Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Laugh

If I'd been told a decade ago that I'd be back in school, enjoying an extended post-secondary education, I never would've believed it. But, as it stands, I somehow muddled through unscathed and, as proof, my MLIS diploma arrived yesterday. At least this one's succeeded in landing me a great job, unlike my BA ...but I digress. In honor of this momentous occasion, a deluge of gifts started pouring in almost immediately.

My buddy Mike knows I love smut books, and I especially love 'em when they're wrapped in covers illustrated by Gene Bilbrew. Here are two minty favorites. Thanks again, Mike! Valery delivered the Napoleon (as a pre-graduation gift) and I gifted the psychedelic terrorist to myself as a reward for a job well done! 

Mike also came through with this recent Lee Hazlewood collection and, again, I am extremely grateful—for both an awesome record, and the fact that I didn't have to endure something as embarrassing as Record Store Day. Australia's adoptive son, Damo, also supplied some tunes via an original copy of the Easybeats' classic Volume 3 LP. Thanks, Damian!

Damian further commemorated my passing into adulthood by providing me with an original Laffun Head novelty giftthe same monstrosity responsible for Daniel Clowes' legendary Laffin' Spittin' Man. I'd stumbled across several of these nasty buggers over the years, but there was always something off about 'em—like they were either clowns or resembled Slavic old ladies. However, this'un's the real deal, sprung straight off of the page and manifested in a green corduroy cap (of course!).
The resemblance is chilling!

No less chilling: the thought of this object warranting a televised commercial!

Lastly, vikings are typically Valery's collecting area, but Jacob Jensen's Vikings of Denmark became a painful, recurring reminder after I stupidly let a cheap set slip through my fingers a few years ago. Consequently, it meant a great deal when Valery surprised me with this magnificent trio—which are in perfect shape, right down to their original box! Thank you so much, you truly are the best!

It's so nice to finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief while being reminded of those who weathered the storm alongside me: my friends, family and, most of all, my incredible wife.


Anonymous said...

Just a casual reader here, I stumbled across your site in a search for Daniel Clowes. I wanted one of those 'Laffun Heads' since seeing it in the Daniel Clowes art book recently but there was no details for what it was called or who made it (sadly the case with all the knick-knack items in the book), I couldn't work out what to search for. Now I have the name maybe I'll try to get my own.

I'm curious if you're also trying to pick up any of the other 'inspiration' items in the Clowes book or if nothing else appeals to you? The 'Rocky' caveman toy looks nice, I think...

I'm wondering too did the Clowes exhibition, which I see below you went to, actually feature any of the sort of items that were in the book or was it only finished art and sketches?

Anonymous said...

In my last sentence there I meant did the exhibition feature the Laffun Head, Rocky toy, etc.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Hey, Anonymous, thanks for the comment(s). You should be able to find your very own "Laffun Head" on eBay--just do a search for the words Peter Figuren. These pop up fairly regularly--even the Laffin' Spittin' doppelgangers--so I'm sure you'll be able to score one soon (if you're so inclined).

Sadly, the Clowes exhibit featured none of the inspirational (or blatant swipe) items. There should be a feature on the "Worry Bird" elsewhere on this blog.

I certainly wouldn't say no to a Rocky, but there are other items that are of greater interest to me. Happy hunting!


Brandy Beyer said...

I would be interested in buying your Peter Figuren Laughing head! I collect them. You can contact me if you are intersted KatelynAndCole@yahoo.com