Saturday, November 19, 2011

Out Of The Can

We've succeeded in painting ourselves into a corner when it comes to picking up punk 45s, so we're beside ourselves with excitement over the singles that've recently materialized at GG&S HQ.

One of the most recent records to ascend to wantlist status was Voice of the Puppets' sole vinyl outing from 1980. The sound of C-86 six years early? Many thanks to Jeremy and John for helping us to round up an original copy.  

Similarly, scoring a copy of John Henry Timmis' anthem, Destructo Rock, seemed like an impossibility until we received a minty copy as a belated wedding gift from the mysterious Mr. X. Our benefactor must've had a premonitionif only we'd had this record in time, it would've made an excellent soundtrack for our wedding night! Many thanks again, Roger!

Sadly, no YouTube video exists for the Snots' exercise in compression, So Long to the Sixties, so we'll leave y'all with J.T. IV's haunting Out of the Can. Also, anyone with a copy of his Waiting for the CTA single is most definitely invited to write us!

PS: Porky Prime Cuts has been updated accordingly here.

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