Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beat Beat Beat

We've had some recent recruits climb aboard lately, and we figured we'd showcase 'em this time out. All manner of unpalatable miscreant has found a new home here—a nice cross-selection from the most hirsute, pigeon-chested, diminutive, and sylvan.

The larger member of this pair has been kicking around here for a while, so we were glad to finally turn up his sidekick. Their knowing glances belie some lonely, starless nights.

The guy on the right is an Italian lamp from the late 60s or early 70s that washed ashore in Florida, and we're thrilled he found his way over. Many thanks to our new buddy Joe who's the first reader to approach us outta the blue with something he knew we'd want. Again, we're grateful to you for setting such a good example! No doubt that the other furball's ruddy complexion is due to too much mead.


Petro B Pettson said...

Those middle two look a little like the Friendly Folks premiums Kellogg brands of cereal offered in the early 70's. I have a few of those.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

They do kind of look like Friendly Folks--except these guys are 7/10 inches tall, respectively.

We've actually got some Friendly Folks and other assorted items up in our "trade" folder. Expect more additions in the months to come.

Amber Von Felts said...

Recently I went to Solvang, CA where the whole darn town is like a scene from one of the 1000 gift shops that are there, they had rown and rows of similar lil' Vikings. The prices were high though, and not near as charming as these guys!

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Gotta make sure to put Solvang on our travel itinerary. Thanks for the tip!