Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woa' Now

Given our recent tardiness, I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that this Christmas update is nearly a month late. Our heartfelt apologies, but school and work schedules kept us down, and we were out of town for two weeks ...more on that later. For now, content yourselves with viewing the bountiful gift supply received in ye olde Yuletide tradition.

Our sincerest thanks to our friend Darrell for saving last year's Christmas! Darrell fiercely navigated French auction sites and classified ads in an attempt to locate both Ariel cigarettes advertising birds (left) from the 60s, thereby ensuring that Valery's gifts would come as a complete surprise. You, sir, are a true gentleman! Unfortunately, our efforts to secure a Pipiou in time went unrewarded; however, we did succeed in acquiring an example of the li'l critter a few weeks later. Here's Pipiou in action below:

Again, many thanks to Darrell for everything, including the Drumbo keychain he so generously provided. Our pal Mike sent along the Viking hors d'oeuvres set featured in the photograph. Thanks, man! Lastly, our warmest regards and thanks to Crazeekid and Crazeegirl for turning us on to Pipiou and the Ariel birds in the first place. Merci!

The Klutz, manufactured by Executive Games Inc in 1971, was another gift we received from Mike. It'll undoubtedly make an excellent addition to the record room—once we figure out where to hang it from! The Pop Art puzzle (in a can) from '68 was a gift for Valery, and the demented Shudder Pig wind-up toy from the early '70s was my gift to myself. Some of the other stocking stuffers we gave to each other are featured below:

Anything with bulging eyeballs (see Shudder Pig) is granted an instant pass into the collection. Same goes for all items reminiscent of Basil Wolverton.

A beefeater and a wifebeater (with criminal progeny).

Two more weirdo Batman knockoff toys from the 60s—these bearing an uncanny resemblance to Alfred E. Neuman!

Three novelty items from the 60s: some MAD novelty matches (matchbooks included), and two gag boxes w/ appropriately ghastly imagery.

Our friends Mikki and Atsushi are keeping us well-stocked with Ryohei Yanagihara merch piped direct from Japan! Included are some Torys mugs, Torys Highball t-shirts and four cloisonné pins. Thank you, you guys are the best!

My foray into collecting the works of noted fetish artists Gene Bilbrew and Eric Stanton (and the occasional Bill Alexander, Bill Ward or weirdie) continues. Many thanks to Mike for the three books at top. Also, thanks go to Mike for the tumescent nudenik in the middle—the best example of a Kreiss Psycho ceramic we have ever seen!

Some other smut trickled its way into our Christmas reserve: a bawdy collection of the bay area's red-light highlights and a 1971 calendar featuring all manner of supernumerary mammaries. Thanks to Jay and Ryan for these two!

Proof that you should always be suspicious when someone asks you which Transformer was your favorite. Of course, the response is a total no-brainer: Jetfire (based on Robotech's VF-1S Super Valkyrie Fighter) featured the best product design, hands-down. Thanks again, Mike!

Our pal Mike continued to outdo himself by giving Valery the Olivetti Valentine typewriter designed by Ettore Sottsass and Perry King in 1969. By sheer coincidence, we'd recently contemplated getting one of thesefor logging the guests at our wedding later this year. Nice one, Genz!

Valery picked these two up while shopping for Christmas gifts (for others). The candy tin from Barton's Bonbonniere caused a fairly loud squeal when she spied it at a local shop. There's a strong likelihood that the tin was designed by Alvin Lustig.

It's becoming a tradition: getting one of LaGardo Tackett's Eggheads for Christmas. Last year, our buddy Mike sent along the What Again Tonight? ceramic. This year, Valery scored the Happy one for an insanely cheap amount and ended up gifting it to herself. Now we just need one more (of the 12" variety) to complete this ménage à trois.

Valery's love of planters goes unabated and this handsome rosewood specimen was our final gift to each other for Christmas 2010.

Hope it was worth the wait folks, and we have more updates planned for the immediate future.
No, really.


Petro B Pettson said...


Amber Von Felts said...

Okay you will have to add me to your collections because after this post MY EYES ARE BULGING!! Wowzers!

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Thanks, dudes! All the best in 2011!

kiyote00 said...

It's the Genz show!

Hard to pick a fave with all of your awesome scores but based on the photo layout, the psycho ceramic and smut books embraced by the Sutch takes the cake (apologies to Pipiou and weirdo Batman).

When are you guys finally coming out to the west coast?


Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

All travel funds are being redirected toward the purchase of a new washing machine.

See you in October, bastid!

Brad said...

unbelievable! what a collection. i am sooooo jealous of the uncle torys!

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

We're real proud to have 'em. Thanks!

Genzilla said...

As always your blog (and your tastes) never fails to amaze me. It was good to see you both last week and am awaiting the next update featuring all the scores you got during your travels.

"looking good"

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

We couldn't have done it without you, maaaan!

Still waiting on one of the boxes for the Arizona update. Expect the next segment somewhat soon?

Great seeing you too, Genz. Here's hoping we see you in a few weeks for Valery's birthday!

monone said...

Damn it the Ariel bird !! I thought i could show off ! You even got the little one next ... gotta look for this one too ! Amazing ....

Anonymous said...

For years my mother and I have wondered what her Happy Egghead was and I finally found them online (same as the one on the left in your photo) and find it hilarious that they are condom holders. I'm pretty shocked to see what some of them are selling for and was wondering where I might find people interested in bidding on ours? Thanks a bunch.