Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick Of Being Sick

Being under the weather lately's got us thinking about the many ways we're gonna indulge once we get past this damn flu—and has also led to us to a wistful examination of some of the vintage barware we've got laying around the house.

Valery found this set while on a road trip through Florida some years back. Don't really have much to go on except that each Beast is apparently summoned through the imbibing of the hard stuff. Bear, octopus, jackass and rodent ...definitely sounds like most drunks I know!

We found this pussycat set at a local thrift store for .35 a piece. There were originally four of 'em, but one shattered in my hand before we even left the store cuz I'm such a hulking brute.

Lastly, we located this lost C. Schulz masterpiece at a great antique store in Austin my buddy Ryan took us to while we were trekking between Arizona and Georgia.


Petro B Pettson said...

That tiger is the Esso gas station mascot. Those drunk animal glasses are too cool!

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Thanks for the info, Ben. Wish we knew more about the animal glasses. I hope that's a complete set.

Colleen E. Conrad said...

I didnt even know Esso existed before I found my glasses, they definitely are not as cool as yours.
Mine are two gas station attendants running after each other.

Susie O said...

I NEED those beast glasses! I've never seen any like them.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

We've been looking and haven't seen any others either ...really hope we aren't missing any others!