Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glittering Prizes

It'd be fair to say that Santa treated us extra-special this year. Here are a few selected highlights for your perusal.

An original member of the Kay Bojesen (inspired?) Zoo Line series from 1959, this jackass has been a longtime favoriteand we were especially excited to welcome him aboard. This braying slackjaw actually arrived complete w/ spectacles, but we removed 'em because he looks way more dapper this way.

Feeling the need to adopt a mascot for our home, this noble Jonathan Adler creation made its way into the great room. The lion pauses to take careful measure and proudly survey its sprawling kingdom!

Couroc of Monterey produced hundreds of different objects from the 1950s through the 90s, utilizing phenolic resin, shells, coral and whatever other materials lent themselves toward interesting designs. Manufactured in the late 50s or early 60s, the Mod Birds trays have always been our top Couroc want ...and we were lucky enough to snag two (of the three) sets this year.

Although best known for his planters and kitchenware, ceramicist LaGardo Tackett designed the iconic Egghead in 1959 for use as a condom holder. As they were available for sale via Esquire and Playboy mail-order only, these have become increasingly hard to track down. Here we find our pal resting for a spell—after all, he's pretty tuckered out from his recent arrival (thanks, Mike!) and a truly debaucherous New Year's.


Genzilla said...

Pretty snazzy haul over the holiday break. Jealous f the Adler lion and the Couroc trays. Good scores.
Thought of keeping little Eggy for myself but figured he would have a far better home with you guys. Enjoy!!!

sssssaaammmm said...

lambskin only!

Genzilla said...

Ribbed for Tony's pleasure.